«Bulka» restaurant on Tretyakovskaya

Realized in: 2021
Square: 118 m²
Seating: 52

The Bulka restaurant is located in the center of the city and welcomes guests who value quality cuisine and cozy atmosphere. The design of the interior continues the tradition of the unique style inherent in the entire Bulka chain. We preserved and restored the marble floors and parquet, an open-to-below chandelier, a stained-glass window, and a staircase. We decorated the interior with the taylor-made plaster decor, installed furniture manufactured in accordance with our sketches and developed lighting schemes. As a result, we created a space with a very special solemn atmosphere. The main accent of the first floor is the bar counter, with a botanical bas-relief by the artist Evgenia Lampitskaya. The second floor is more homelike: it has a fireplace in a large green marble portal, which makes you feel like home. Due to the large windows, in the room there is always a lot of light, which is reflected from the marble tables and brass details.

Project team
Kristina Esenina, Mikhail Esenin, Polina Topaeva, Ekaterina Khoroshavina, Arman Kashkenov, Julia Afanasyeva

Sergey Petinov
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© ESENINS design studio 2018-2023.
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