About us

ESENINS design Studio specializes in creating unique interiors for commercial spaces. The studio team works closely with customers to understand their needs and create design that not only reflects their individuality, but and takes into account the tasks and specifics of their business.

The studio is known for working on projects such as:

"Nome" restaurant (Moscow)

"True Cost" restaurant on Belorusskaya (Moscow)

"Backroom" bar (Moscow)

"Bulka" restaurant chain (Moscow)

"CODE coffee" coffee shop (Moscow)

"Primebeef Boutique" shop (Krasnoyarsk)

"Probka & Shtopor" wine bar (Moscow)

ESENINS is a creative team aimed at results

In 2018, we, brother and sister Mikhail and Kristina Esenin, created our own design studio ESENINS. At that time, both of us already had extensive experience in commercial projects — Kristina worked on Mercure hotels in Kaliningrad and Saransk, Radisson in Rostov and the restaurants like Salumeria, Remy Kitchen Bakery, and Voronezh in Moscow (in cooperation with S+S design studio), Mikhail was the part of the team working on Grand Hotel Zvezda (in cooperation with the design studio DK-Studio), and had 6 years of experience in the production of soft and cabinet furniture for public interiors (including the OTTO STELLE furniture factory).

Having thoroughly learned the specifics of commercial projects by cooperating with various companies, we have gained tremendous experience that can be multiplied in our work and transferred to new team members. At the same time we continue to learn, honing the quality and skill of our work from year to year.

Our principles

The main value of the ESENINS brand is responsibility to the customer and to ourselves. We are responsible for ensuring that the design meets all the marketing/sales purposes of your business. We know how to make your design beautiful and original, and how to "sell" it to your customers. We also value partnership, so we try to build relationships based on trust.

In the studio, we don’t just do our job — we sincerely love each project and are very enthusiastic about it. We find an individual approach to solving the problem and take into account the specifics of the space and your business.

The way we work

The design is developed from the concept, not from references. At the start, we get a general vision of the concept, analyze all incoming data about the value of the brand, the features of the building, as well as other customer wishes. After that, based on the information received, we form visual imagery. And then, keeping the dialogue with the customer, we turn the ideas into physical form — we bring them to life and get a result accessible for the audience.

The result you’ll get

Skillfully combining different styles, we create a space that induces incredible emotions and sensations. You get not just a beautiful picture: lighting, composition, color, materials, texture, ergonomics, technological and business processes — every detail is taken into account. The project documentation is written in a simple and concise language that is understandable to both engineers and builders while our participation in the project implementation helps to easily bring it to life with precision to the smallest details.

We never stop and are constantly improving

In addition, we gain experience in related areas (fire requirements and regulations, landscaping, ventilation requirements, etc.) and work with various manufacturers. We improve our competencies by learning lighting design from leading Russian specialists. We visit specialized exhibitions and other events, keep in touch with leading companies that are innovators in technology development and apply these technologies in practice.

We are part of a large society and can get advice on a significant range of issues related to our activities from leading players in the field of design.

More than a design studio

Now, we are also actively engaged in teaching and educational activities: we are lecturers of the Russian Academy of Design (RAD), which currently has no analogues on the Russian market, and participate in conferences and business events throughout Russia. As speakers, we take part in various thematic design events, for example, together with the company Aledo we participated in a discussion on restaurant lighting. In 2020, we were participants of the Batimat exhibition where we had our own stand.

Kristina completed a course at the RMA business school on ‘Restaurant Business Management', and in 2021 was a guest speaker and teacher at the same school.


  • design from concepts, not from references: you set a task, we offer a solution;
  • a powerful design tandem: creativity and logic, case analysis from different angles with respect to user experience, a strong creative team, and, as a result, a two times broader view on projects;
  • communication at the level of project partners: a successful and fully viable project is our main goal;
  • catchy design with a cherry on top: creating the atmosphere and emotions for your visitors is one of the most important aspects;
  • a team with common goals and values: we have gathered around us people who share our values, creative ideas and a view of responsibility — with these people we grow and develop, solving complex tasks;
  • a team with a high level of social capital: by contacting us, you get access to many industry leaders.

We are interested in making a viable project that will ‘live' for a long time, bring profit to our client and joy to the guests. Having implemented a project, we continue to supervise it, suggest new ideas and killer features to improve it and attract an even larger audience.

We sincerely love our projects!

Our team
  • Mikhail Esenin
    Head of the studio
  • Kristina Esenina
    Lead designer
  • Arman Kashkenov
    CG Artist
  • Elena Shushlina
  • Ekaterina Khoroshavina
  • Vladislav Yurik
  • Julia Afanasyeva
  • Aleksandra Kozyreva
    Designer Assistant
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© ESENINS design studio 2018-2023.
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